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Equipment and Machinery Insurance

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Your business depends on your equipment and machinery, so we’ve made it simple to protect it with our Yellow Cover Equipment and Machinery Insurance. A commercial motor insurance product uniquely designed to protect equipment and machinery owner’s assets. We’ve made it simple to purchase insurance and help protect your business.

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Why choose Yellow Cover Equipment and Machinery Insurance

  • We're here for you 24/7

  • 24/7 Accident Assist and claims lodgement

  • 24/7 Breakdown Assistance

  • Access to our Premium Repairer Network

What’s included in Equipment and Machinery Insurance

Comprehensive Motor Cover

Equipment and Machinery Insurance provides comprehensive cover for theft, damage, or loss, including third party liability for road registered items for your mobile plant, trucks, and trailers. It also includes:

  • New vehicle replacements for: 
    • Mobile plant under 2 years old
    • Motor vehicles under 3 years old
  • Ability to adjust your excess and save premium
  • Trauma counselling
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Dry hire
  • Appreciation / Escalation of Mobile Plant Value
  • Fire Suppression System Recharge

Comprehensive Downtime Cover

Our downtime cover looks after your business expenses when your vehicle or mobile plant is off the road due to an accident.

  • Automatic cover of $500 per week for up to 4 weeks (1 week excess applies)
  • Includes ability to personalize your cover by:
    • Extending the period of cover
    • Tailoring the amount of money you require per week

Access to our Breakdown Service

Let’s break it down. This inclusion in Equipment and Machinery Insurance covers your vehicle or mobile plant for mechanical and or towing assistance in the event of a breakdown. This includes a basic level of roadside breakdown and mechanical assistance services up to $300.