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We've got you covered with our specialist claims services.

Our award winning NTI Accident Assist Program has a 99% customer satisfaction rating. We know, it's a hell of a claim, but it's one that's been tried, tested, and trusted by our policy holders over many years and through many adverse events. 

Our award winning NTI Accident Assist Program leads the way with our specialist team taking control from the first minute. It starts with complete incident scene management, and continues right through to the day the mobile plant, equipment or machinery is back in service.

Call us to make a claim on 1800 684 669

At any hour of the day or night we can:

  • Provide over the phone trauma assistance to the operator until help arrives
  • Relay urgent messages to loved ones and colleagues (if required) 
  • Arrange to transport the operator back to base*
  • Authorise an NTI Specialist Recovery Operator to recover the plant, equipment or machinery
  • Oversee clean-up of the accident scene
  • Lodge the claim automatically (in most cases we will not require a claim form) 
  • Arrange post-trauma counselling for the operator if required

*Some restrictions and policy limits apply.

We're with you through thick and thicker.

When you choose Yellow Cover, not only do you get market leading cover, you get full support from us. Within four business hours of lodging a claim, you'll be assigned a personal Claims Consultant, who'll keep you fully informed every step of the way.

Once your claim is lodged, an experienced Repair Manager, with qualifications in machinery, will be assigned to manage the repair process. This helps ensure:

  • A quality repair finish
  • The correct parts are supplied
  • The most efficient method of repair

They'll also give you regular updates on how the repairs are going.

A team of many parts.

Following a claim, we're committed to getting you back up and running without delay. That's why we have a team of Parts Coordinators. Specialists in the parts industry, they source quality components that meet only the highest performance standards. Our Parts Coordinators also work closely with the Repair Managers to ensure the correct parts are supplied. We also have trading accounts with equipment manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, giving us the ability to source and deliver parts anywhere in Australia. 

Claims FAQs

  • No. You only need to remember one number - 1800 827 747 

  • Simply call 1800 827 747

    It's that easy, no unnecessary forms are required to be completed.

  • As soon as you are able to. This enables us to help as soon as possible.

  • Yellow Cover Equipment and Machinery Insurance products are provided by NTI. 

    NTI's award winning Claims Team will be handling your claims on behalf of Yellow Cover Equipment and Machinery Insurance. A dedicated Claims Consultant will be appointed to you.

    Yellow Cover Equipment and Machinery Insurance is new, NTI is not.

  • We are committed to working with the repair industry to improve the quality and timeliness of repairs. 

    Through our Authorised Repair Network, you can be assured your equipment will be back on site faster, and with the highest quality repairs available.

  • Yes.

    We guarantee the quality of workmanship and materials used by our authorised repairers, in the repair of your vehicle, for the life of your vehicle, even if you no longer own it. 

    Yes, really!

  • If you have a complaint or dispute about a decision on your claim or the service you have received from us or one of our authorised representatives, you may access our internal dispute resolution process.

    The first step is to contact your closest NTI office. Contact details can be obtained by visiting our Contact Us page here, 

    Ask for a brochure on our dispute resolution system available from all NTI offices.

  • You must pay an excess for every claim, however, we may decide to waive payment of an excess if we agree that: 

    (i) your vehicle is involved in a collision with another vehicle;

    (ii) you have provided sufficient proof and we agree you or your driver were not at fault;

    (iii) you can identify and provide full details of the third party driver who is at fault (name, telephone number, current address and/or drivers licence number, and vehicle registration);

    (iv) we deem that the claim is recoverable; and

    (v) the amount of your claim is greater than the applicable excess(es) 

    However, you must pay any applicable excess(es) where:

    (a) the other party disputes who is at fault, or

    (b) there is only windscreen (or window glass) damage and the optional extension 'windscreen - one excess free' is not listed on your policy schedule